An update and some good news! I’m being featured alongside some of my peers and classmates in a Vis Dev art book. We released the Kickstarter for it just a few days ago, and a lot of my art for the Pele/Hawaiian story will be featured in it (including some stuff I won’t even be posting online!) 

For Backers that pledge a certain amount, there will also be original art included in their package. For original art I’m doing a FireGolem/Minion series which will be watercolors like the ones you see here (also doing a FireMinion ukulele band, so if anyone wants to collect them and have the entire band, e-mail Caleb Prochnow after backing the project and request that you specifically receive a minion art/sketch.) There will be a limited amount of them offered.

Now back to work. : )

Anonymous asked:

As someone born and raised in Hawaii it makes me really happy to see such cute/not grossly offensive representations of the gods I grew up with. Thank you!

Oh, thank you! I’m trying very hard to still respect the culture of Hawaii, while trying to also mold it to the Dreamworks/Disney-esque story it’s inspired in me. Thanks for the support, and look forward to more development for this in the coming months! : )

As I said, here’s a bigger update. More development work (props, color keys, etc) for my thesis project.  I’m pitching an idea for an animated movie, which revolves around the hawaiian fire goddess Pele, who’s very lonely and longs to make friends with the villagers nearby (but they do not believe in her and so can’t see, or hear her). The little fire blobs are her minions, and the boy is the villager she later befriends. Her sister, the water goddess Namaka, also makes an appearance.

**update**Now featured in a kickstarter! Please help support if you like this and want to see more: